Coaches Certification

AMBA is looking for Coaches for all levels of play.

ALL AMBA Coaches must:

NCCP initiation & Respect in Sport For Coaches is at your own expense. The Coaching & Player clinics are sponsored by AMBA. If you are not able to attend AMBA’s sponsored clinic, you can attend one of the other clinics at your expense. Please email your application and criminal record check to AMBA.

Please be advised that coaching applications must be received no later than March 15th. Coaching applicants must have both the online NCCP initiation course completed and the Respect in Sports for Coaches completed by April 2nd in order for the application to proceed.  Teams will be formed at our mandatory coaches meeting on April 9th (1-3pm) at the Athabasca Multiplex.

Coaches must be in place no later than April 9th. 

If Coaches are not available, teams will not play.

Criminal Record Checks must be mailed to and received by Athabasca Minor Ball Association prior to commencement of practice.

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