Refund Policy

The final date for refund requests is 

  • May 15 - T-Ball, Rally Cap & Rookie Levels

  • May 1 - Mosquito baseball & Mites softball, and HIGHER, levels.

Refunds will be the registration fee paid, less $25 admin fee. 

If AMBA cannot provide a player with a team to play on, the full registration fee will be refunded.

Volunteer Commitment 

Volunteer commitment must benefit AMBA as a whole, and may be required to be completed in the off-season. Volunteer activities include, but are not limited to, 50/50 ticket sales, casino, ball diamond maintenance & enhancement, etc.

It is expected that parents/guardians provide support to their child's team as requested by the Coach. (eg. scorekeeping, pitch count, etc.)

Board Executive, Coordinators, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches will be deemed to have filled their volunteer commitment.

Volunteer opportunities/requirements will be available at the AGM and posted on the website.

Jersey Deposit

Anyone not returning their player jersey by the date specified by their Coach, will have their Jersey Deposit cheque cashed.

Year-End Activities

Registration Fees include:

  • $100 allotment toward food for team wind-up; and

  • year end Tournament fee for each team.

  • $20 individual and team picture (memory mate)

Inclement Weather

Weather cancellations are at the discretion of the Coaches. The Coach will discuss his/her policy with the players and parents at the beginning of the season. For all information, please view the website.

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